Monday, November 14, 2011

Thoughts for Other Writers: The Right Time to Write

Should you write when you're inspired, or set a specific time to write? That is a question a lot of writers ask themselves. Well, every writer has their own recipe, but since a lot seem to complain about lack of inspiration and writer's block, I thought it'd be beneficial to explore the subject. How do I sum this up? A writer is a writer, is a writer... Which means that it doesn't matter if you're wholly inspired or not. As you have probably noticed, writing has been a part of you for quite some time. It is probably your ultimate passion, so it will always be a delight to write no matter if it was planned or suddenly inspired. Although you may think that you can only write something decent when divine inspiration comes down upon you, you'd be surprised at what having a writing routine can do for your craft. Writing, like any sport or skill to be perfected, has to be practiced and developed. Creativity will surge through you even if you set aside a specific time to write. Writing daily actually trains your mind and body. It creates the superb habit of creating a specific space in which to let your creative ideas loose! You can also be more in touch with the flow and cohesiveness of your stories if you work on them everyday. Think about any task you have been obliged to do, like a report for school, or a deadline in regular job scenario. Where you able to come up with content then? Well that's exactly what will happen if you commit to writing everyday. As long as you have your mind in gear, it will produce wonders! The care you give your story through the gift of time and contemplation will reflect upon its outcome, as well. Happy writing!

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